Useful tips for first-time moms


Most of the mothering skills come naturally. However, the confidence in doing them is hard won. To most fist time moms, the advice comes from multiple mothering books and advice from friends and families. However, out of all the advice, there are some tips that every mom must know. Here is the list.

Be realistic

The expectation from other people can be quite overwhelming. Some will tell you that when you deliver the baby things will remain normal. That is a lie. For the next two years, first-time moms feel a hangover, but you need to ride the wave and enjoy. Kids are a blessing, and there is more fun than sorrow in bringing them up.

To manage, you need to give up some cherished ideas of what makes an ideal child. You kid will not be perfect; they will take a bribe from their sibling or favour from dad just to keep quite on some issues.

For happier hair washing

Washing should be fun, and most kids look forward to it. In the process, you should talk in a fancy voice when asking for bathing postures. After she or he is clean roll up the towel and hold the neck for support. Give some massage while you apply shampoo on her hair. Rinse the hair and finish with lots of kisses as congrats.

Create special seat in the car or when flying

The typical car or plane seat is designed for an adult. If you place your kid on such seat, chances are there will be back problems. You could have a car seat installed and carry the right seat during flight. Such seats fasten the kid on the sit which is safer.

How to reduce road rage

Traffic develop spontaneously. If you find yourself stuck in traffic and the kid become hysterical do the following to avoid the crying jags.

Start by turning on cool tunes. Music sooth kids. You could sing a lot as your voice will add the comfort. You also need to reduce your ringtone volume. Sudden loud music a phone frighten young kids.

Night time tips

It is not uncommon to see sleep starves moms, especially first-timers. The rules are simple, make a routine, and your kid will adopt bringing peace to both. For peaceful night avoid leaking diaper. They are discomforting, and the only way a kid can communicate discomforts is by crying. Feed the kid well before settling for the night.

Other tips include using a baby monitor. There are some applications to help with such gadgets. Keep your kid clean, always and most importantly trust your instincts. With time most mums have discovered they can multitask and keep their kids safe and comfortable.

Some of the top thing that mum do with one hand holding the baby include: texting a message, feed a pet, whip a smoothie, tend to husband personal need, brush the other kid hair, fold baby clothes, etc.

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