10 Comfort Food Recipes to Help Keep You Warm This Winter


Snow is beautiful, but the cold, so cold that your car knob is frozen solid and you cannot bear to stay outside for long makes thing gloomy.However, that is the best time to stay indoors and cook. A bowl of healthy food will help one battle the bleakness of winter. So which are the best winter recipes to help one keep warm? Here are ten suggestions cutting across soup, rice, stew, etc.


The dish comes in a piping hot stone bowl so until the last bite you are guaranteed the food will still be hot. It made heartily from vegetables, fried egg, shredded meat and white rice. With additional of hot chilli paste, the temperature will rise more.


During winter you do not necessarily need to eat heavily to stay warm. A hot plate of risotto will banish the winter blues. The dish is hot, filling and creamy. Risotto is made from mushroom and cheese. It can be taken with a meat dish or truffles.

Chicken soup

What is better than chicken soup? The soup will transform a dreadful winter day to fun. Pack a lot of garlic and ginger. Vegetables also work well with the soup: celery, carrots, spinach, etc.


It is the Chinese version of fondue except in the raw ingredients which are cooked in a traditional broth. It is healthier and more delicious due to ginger. There are lots of vegetables in the ingredients.


We all love fondue, and it is perfect for winter dinner party. It is satisfying, delicious and fun in taking and preparing. It can be made as Chinoise, bourguignon or cheese.


It one common way of preparing fondue. It involves sticking bread at the end of long skewers which are then dipped in a communal pot of cheese mixed with wine.


It is prepared just like hot pot. The main recipe is meat which is cooked in a pot over a portable stove. The thin slices of meat are skewed and dipped in boiling water until ready. There is a variety of sauces to take the meat. The remaining broth from cooked meat is warming.


Soup beats winter cold. With ramen and noodles, you are safe from the cold. The soup ingredients include noodles covered with meat broth, seaweed, spring onion and slices of meat. The result is a hearty and warming food.


It is a traditional Hungarian dish made from skewed meat with paprika, pepper, vegetables and tomato sauce. It can be enjoyed with rice, bread or dumplings.


It is a favourite recipe in Asian countries especially in breaks fast. Congee is favourite to the elder because it is easy to digest and full of nutrients. Congee is a rice porridge disintegrated due to prolonged cooking. It is easy to make and taken with chicken soup or fish sauce to add flavour.



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